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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

When was the last time you had professional portraits of your family hung on the wall? Have you tried to create a family wall collage only to be disappointed in the final product? Ever put multiple nail holes in the wall just trying to hang one picture?

It's time to avoid the disappointment of poor Walgreens prints, non-cohesive wall collages, and walls that need repair.

Did you know?

Professional portraits can be precisely measured and digitally displayed on a fictitious or home wall of your choosing. Photography clients can visualize actual sizing of portraits and what the final products will look like in their space. Ahhhmazing!

Interior design with the utmost personalization.

I know, it sounds confusing and overwhelming if you're not computer savvy. Don't fret. It's quick and easy.

Simply grab your phone and take photos of the walls you want professionally designed. Make sure you tape a standard 8.5x11 piece of paper to the wall. The paper insures portraits are measured and sized appropriately for your space.

After taking the photos, text or e-mail the images as an attachment to:

Alisha Cory Photography

Tel: (843) 507-2250



Once the images are received, Alisha will create options that compliment your space.

No more worrying about choosing the wrong portrait size...

Instead, be confident that your purchased products will fit beautifully in your home and compliment your design.

Below is a tastefully designed family room. This room contains 4 (14x14 prints) and 1 (44x34 print) all with a 1" matte and 0.75" frame. Professional design and details with exquisite portraits of your loved ones.

Family Portraits & Interior Design Align

The home below shows a standard piece of paper taped to the wall for proper sizing of purchased wall art.

The materials used to create the following wall art blend beautifully with the home's design. The copper-colored leather matting and high-gloss acrylic portrait flow perfectly with the copper range hood and the modern acrylic and hammered copper light fixtures.

Did you know?

Professional wall art includes hangers attached to the back of your products. However, you will still need the appropriate wall anchors to attach the products to your wall. Check out Alisha's favorite wall hangers below:

Questions about designing your space?

Contact Alisha Cory Photography to capture your loved ones and answer any question about adding professional products and prints to your home.

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