Charleston, SC - Photography - A walk in the French Quarter

I recently joined the Charleston Photography Group in downtown Charleston for a photo tour. I had an enjoyable afternoon taking in the sights and sounds of Charleston, SC and meeting new people with similar interests.

While I enjoy a variety of photography niches, I have a difficult time not photographing people. If I have a camera in-hand, I will often stop a random passerby and ask to photograph them. My philosophy is "Why not ask?"...the worst someone can say is, "No."

Portrait photography is my passion.

Needless to say, I met these beautiful young ladies and their mother at Pineapple Fountain and asked permission to take their portraits.

Aren't they beautiful!?!

They came dressed and ready for a photoshoot - like they knew I was going to meet them. These gals were full of smiles and energy and so much fun to photograph.

Downtown Charleston Teen Models - Alisha Cory Photography

Within blocks of Pineapple Fountain are historic streets and architecture that both residents and visitors enjoy. One of my favorite things to do is grab a cup of my favorite coffee (usually an Americano with cream and sugar at Mercantile & Mash) and walk the streets of downtown Charleston.

Downtown Charleston SC Architecture - Alisha Cory Photography
Downtown Charleston, SC Architecture - Alisha Cory Photography
Charleston Architecture
Charleston, SC Architecture - Alisha Cory Photography
Branford-Horry House
Branford - Horry House Charleston, SC - Alisha Cory Photography

The Branford-Horry House (above), completed in 1767, is one of Charleston's finest examples of a "double house". (Note that the balcony reaches over the sidewalk.)

While enjoying Charleston's architecture and history, I saw a man sitting alone and couldn't resist taking his portrait. (Once again, I prefer photographing people rather than inanimate objects.) So, I approached the man and asked for permission to photograph him. Timothy was a bit reserved at first, but not long after introducing myself, the mask came off and a connection was created. I hope to meet him again and learn more of his story.

Veteran - Downtown Charleston, SC - Alisha Cory Photography

While walking downtown Charleston, you not only meet new people like Timothy, but are sure to have various encounters with street performers and vendors. Shoot, you might even see a parrot or two!

Next on the photo tour was The Vendue. The Vendue, located in the historic French Quarter, is Charleston's Premier Boutique Art Hotel located off of 19 Vendue Range & East Bay Street. The hotel is just steps from Pineapple Fountain and Battery Park.

The hotel boasts "compelling artwork from around the globe", an artist-in- residence program, and daily tours for art lovers and admirers alike.

Beauty and luxury are found throughout the Vendue. The Vendue is tastefully decorated and designed in coordination with the displayed art.

While I could've wandered and enjoyed the art and decor all afternoon, it was just one stop on my photo tour.

The Vendue Art - Charleston SC - Alisha Cory Photography

While in downtown Charleston, I also recommend stopping at The Vendue's - The Rooftop Bar. The ambiance, atmosphere, and panoramic views of the Holy City rival that of any other downtown establishment.

Above - The Wagener Building at street level.

As seen, the building is currently unoccupied due to costly renovations that make it impossible to maintain. Click on the image above for interesting historical facts and an intriguing ghost story.

After completing the Charleston Photography Group photo tour, I couldn't help but photograph Bennett's Rice Mill on my way home. I've always had a love for dilapidated historic buildings and can only imagine the day-to-day ongoings so long ago.

Click on the image above to learn more about Bennett's Rice Mill.

The Charleston Photography Tour was a great experience. In the future, I'm sure I will take other opportunities to venture out and capture the Charleston area. However, my photography will always bring me back to people and the joy I gain when capturing their essence from behind the lens.

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