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Beautifully Captured

Simply newborn sessions are about capturing your baby wrapped and snuggled on one simple background and one choice prop. Portraits are captured in a shortened timeframe, but still show your baby's beautiful details. While there are less gallery images, high portrait quality is an absolute. Join me. I'm excited to spend time capturing your baby!

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Creative Session Fee


The creative session fee covers your pre-consultation, portrait session, post-processing & presentation of your images, your personal view & order appointment, and product design. 


The session fee includes 10 hi-resolution digital files via online download. A print release accompanies the images which are printable up to an 8x10. All professional prints, products, and additional digital files may be purchased at your view and order appointment.

Included is your choice of one prop and one color background to coordinate with the final gallery collection. 

Simply Newborn sessions include newborn portraits only.

These sessions are typically scheduled Monday - Friday and can last 1- 1 1/2 hours

A 50% session retainer is due at the time of booking to secure your session date. The session retainer is non-refundable and non-transferable. Final session payment is due on the day of your session.

Cash and credit card payment options are available. 

8% sales tax is applied to orders that include products


*Due to the custom nature of sessions and the time devoted to each client, a limited number of sessions are available each month. It is best to book your session as early as possible.*


In-home opt.

There is no option for an in-home session when purchasing the Simply Newborn, however, you can always upgrade by choosing the Forever or Deluxe Newborn Packages! 



Alisha Cory

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By appointment only


 What to Expect 


Newborn portrait sessions usually take place 7-14 days after delivery. At this stage, newborns are generally very flexible and curly for portrait poses and don't mind being moved while in dreamland. 


I recommend booking your newborn session during your second trimester.

"Wait! I didn't book my session prior to the arrival date and my baby is older than 14 days. Now what?"

No worries. I accept babies of all ages. While various poses and sleepy pictures might be more difficult to obtain, your gallery will still be beautifully crafted and cherished. 


All sessions are planned with time to feed and change. When babies are kept warm and fed, they are at their best for the session.


While I always try to accommodate parent pose requests, I will not force the baby into any pose that they are completely against. Every baby is precious and unique with their own likes and dislikes...even at this early stage. The session goes best when I go with what the baby is "telling" me.

Before your Session

Prior to your session, we will touch base either in-person, or via phone/email so that you can communicate your prop request, as well as your gallery color. If you prefer to have me coordinate your gallery without worries, I can do that too. Either way, I will have items ready and styled for your session when you arrive.


On the morning of your session, it's best to keep baby awake as much as possible. If the sleepy struggle is real, bath time usually does the trick.


Please avoid using diaper ointment as it is difficult to remove for pictures.


Diapers should be left loose to avoid heavy lines on baby's skin.


More than likely your little one will nod off while driving to the session, so it's best to dress babe in a buttoned/zippered sleeper to avoid disturbing after you arrive. 

Packing List: 


1) Diaper Bag with diapers, wipes, bottle (if needed), pacifier, burp cloth, and change of clothes. If parents don't oppose, I encourage bringing a pacifier. A pacifier often helps calm your baby during the session and assists with your little drifting off to sleep.  

2) Snacks and Drinks - I do keep beverages and snacks on hand, however, it never hurts to pack extra. 

3) Clothing - The studio is kept very warm to accommodate baby. Please dress in layers to stay comfortable and cool. 

During your Session

The day has arrived... you've hardly slept, but can't wait to begin your boutique session! 

When you're greeted, you are offered coffee or hot tea. While enjoying your beverage, you start to relax and tour the studio area. You are able to see your chosen prop set-up and color choice that we discussed when planning your session. 

When you hand your precious bundle to me, the magic begins. It's time to capture all the details and newness - from the tiny hands and feet to the pouty lips and luscious lashes. 


Sit back, relax, and watch every moment over my shoulder or grab your favorite book. 

If needed, I will ask for posing assistance from a parent to ensure baby safety. 

After your Session

Following your newborn session, you will receive a special sneak peek within 48 hours. Sneak peeks are my favorite way to say, "Thank you!" for the special time we spent together during your session. These images can be shared and enjoyed via social media with friends and family. 

Client reveal appointments are scheduled 3-4 weeks following your session and scheduled via conversation while we are together. Reveal appointments are in-person, however, for clients who travel a great distance reveal appointments can be virtual. I understand the busyness of life, sometimes it's easier to view the gallery without traveling back to the studio.



Recommend Alisha Cory Photography to a friend who books a session and receive $50 towards any future portrait session and/or product!

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