All members of the AC Influencer Team are required to provide full senior session payment with Alisha Cory Photography, prior to participation in exclusive group photoshoots.

Team members are required to be active social media users and follow Alisha Cory Photography on various social platforms. SPREAD THE WORD-SHARE THE LOVE. Members are to share their amazing images all over social media and spread the word about Alisha Cory Photography and the AC Influencer team. When images are posted, team members are to positively support others by providing uplifting comments on posts. 

All AC Influencers are required to have a legal guardian complete and sign a model release allowing for promotion and publication of Influencer images.


Applications are available February 1 - March 31st of each year. Applications for the AC Influencer Team of 2021-22 are extended until May 31st due to Covid-19.

When applications are open, fill out the form below with your parents approval. Once your application is received,  watch for an email with more information and details about the AC Influencer team and senior portrait pricing.


The application will NOT be available below if you are inquiring during a time when applications are not being accepted. 


Alisha Cory

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(843) 507 2250

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